Our client-centered / detail-driven approach allows us to partner with Human Resources and Payroll Departments resulting in bottom line savings and administrative efficiencies.

Thomas & Thorngren is a leading national provider of the following services:

  • unemployment cost control
  • tax credits and incentives including WOTC
  • employment / wage verification

Clients of Thomas & Thorngren enjoy:

  • reduced unemployment tax rates
  • increased tax credits and incentives
  • efficient employment / wage verification processing

Our Services

Unemployment Cost Control

At Thomas & Thorngren we stand out as not only the largest privately held unemployment cost control provider, but also the recognized leader in quality and customer service. Read more.

Tax Credits & Incentives

In 2009, our Tax Credit Services division was expanded and rebranded under the name “National Tax Credits and Incentives”. As part of this initiative, we have added new partners and senior managers, each with 15 to 30 plus years of experience. Read more.

Employment / Wage Verification

Financial and Leasing inquiries are processed promptly at no cost to the employer. Each employee has their own ID card with easy to follow instructions. Most importantly, there are never any per employee or PIN charges to the employer. Read more.

Unemployment Issues

Kansas UI Law Changes, Tax Rates Reduced for Many Employers

House Bill 2576 was signed into law on April 1, reducing the UI tax rates by 15 percent for 2014 […]

Mississippi Tax Rates Have Been Revised

Amended 2014 tax rate notices are expected to be mailed to Mississippi employers tomorrow, April 4th.  The amended tax rate […]

Massachusetts Employers Have Until May 30 to Make First Quarter SUI Tax Payments

We have been advised by telephone that Massachusetts employers will be given an extension until May 30, 2014 for paying […]